Canned Albacore Tuna made into Onigiri with sticky rice.

Tuna Onigiri

Basically a tuna sandwich, but with rice instead of bread and the sides are closed! Simple, elegant, delish!

Canned albacore tuna salsa with onions, cilantro, and jalapenos with blue tortilla chops on a white plate

Wild Albacore Tuna Salsa

An easy and delicious way to enjoy canned tuna!

halibut tacos with apple asian slaw on blue plate with lime wedges on the side

Five Spice Halibut Tacos with Apple Asian Slaw

For when you need a new kinda taco in your life! This take on a classic dish might just become your new favorite taco.

Chef Karista’s Whitefish Ceviche

A refreshing summer starter that is quick and easy

crispy fillet of fish on pub bun with cheese, tomatoes, letture, onions and pickles on the side

Crispy Rockfish Pub Burger with Provolone and Special Sauce

The fish sandwich of fish sandwiches. The one you'll want for every meal!

Spiced Grapes and Lingcod

A sweet and tender lingcod treat

Grilled Octopus with cilantro on top of a bed of roasted potatoes

Spanish Octopus with Fried Potatoes and Panchetta

An all time favorite of Chef Garrett's that will surely leave you wanting more!

Golden brown fish fillets on a white plate with kumquats and kalamata olives on top

Rockfish with Honey Poached Kumquats, Fennel and Olives

  Rockfish with Honey Poached Kumquats, Fennel and Olives is a recipe where savory meets sweet.

Dungeness crab macaroni and cheese with parsley sprinkles in a small white bowl on a lovely tablecloth

Crab and Brie Macaroni and Cheese

A truly decadent version of everybodys favorite noodle dish.

Pacific Skate wing pan fried on a white plate with creamy sauce and broccolini.

Pan Fried Pacific Skate with Sauce Gribiche

Once your taste buds get ahold of this French inspired Skate recipe with Sauce Gribiche, you'll wonder why you didn't have it sooner!