Our community includes local fishermen and women, their employees, their friends and family, and everyone who shares a connection to the ocean. By purchasing fish directly at the dock and distributing it locally, we keep more resources in the hands of the people who are out there putting it on the line.


Who Fishes Matters! It is important to us to know how, where, and when our fish was caught.  It is also important to us to know what type of fish we are processing and distributing: none of these facts are a part of the existing commercial fishing system.  Without these facts, you have nothing but mystery fish.  Different species from different boats, caught on different days, are all piled together to be shipped for processing.

We know there is a better way.  It puts power into the hands of local fishermen and their families, while giving you the assurance that the fish you enjoy has been treated with care.  Knowing the origins of your meal is rare and valuable, and we believe it improves the eating experience.


Sustainability is a popular word these days, and it means something different to everyone.  What it means to us is a comfortable and productive balance between the three “bottom lines:” Economy, Environment, and Community.

Our Community is our lifeblood.  We work closely with our community members to host events, develop programs, and foster communication.
Our Environmental goals are many, but they all have an overarching ideal: To encourage an ethic of ecological stewardship that results in creative, community-based approaches to conservation.
Our Economic goal is to increase the viability of traditional coastal communities by fostering local economic opportunities.  By paying a premium price to our fishermen, we improve the economic performance of local fishery businesses and associated community infrastructure.  We also cut out the ‘middle man’ by processing and transporting our products ourselves – which also means fresher fish for you!


We are proud to work with many people and organizations throughout Oregon who are dedicated to creating quality products that benefit the community. See who we work with!


Community Supported Fisheries reconnect people with their local food system, promote sustainable fishing practices, and strengthen the relationships between fishermen and seafood consumers.

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How often do you eat seafood on average?