Salmon Port Orford BBQ


Salmon Port Orford BBQ

Chinook Salmon

Salmon has long been at the heart of the culture and livelihood of Oregon coastal people. On the West Coast, salmon occupies the same sacred and hallowed space as does halibut.  

Salmon populations have endured great fluctuation over the years. In pioneer days and prior, rivers and streams would 'boil' with Chinook and coho in the fall months. 

Oregon is no longer blessed with such bountiful runs, but careful and conservative state/federal/international/tribal management of this vital Pacific Northwest symbol bodes well for their eventual recovery.

Salmon is easy to cook and easier to enjoy. Holds firm on the grill, takes marinade well, packed with delicious flavor.

We also catch

Dungeness Crab – winter, spring and summer

Dungeness crab is a special part of wintertime in Oregon. We celebrate this crustacean on the southern Oregon coast, every chance we get, particularly when our vessels bring home the first catch of the year!  

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Community Supported Fisheries reconnect people with their local food system, promote sustainable fishing practices, and strengthen the relationships between fishermen and seafood consumers.

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