Sablefish from Port Orford Seafood


Sablefish is a sought after seafood that is known by many culinary trade names. Butterfish, sablefish, and black cod all refer to this rich flavored and fine textured 'buttery' seafood.  

Sablefish is most popular prepared with Asian ingredients such as  soy, sake, miso, ginger. It is also a absolute “brainfood” with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than even Chinook salmon. We offer a smoked sablefish nova lox combo that will elevate your platter to new heights. This is haute cuisine!

West Coast sablefish stocks are considered well-managed and an excellent alternative to the sought after but endangered Chilean sea bass. Port Orford boats fish for sablefish with longline gear that doesn't disturb sea floor habitat and has minimal by-catch. Skate and deep water red rockfish are the two most common incidental catches associated with sablefish, both of which are delicious. We retain all by-catch %100. 

We also catch

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