Rockfish at Port Orford


Rockfish Port Orford Seafood


The Pacific rockfish family may be the most important year-round source of groundfish on the West Coast, comprised of over 100 species. It is marketed widely as Pacific snapper. There is a significant lost opportunity for storytelling within the vast diversity of species of this fish, their habits, their homes and their behaviors.

Versatile and affordable, rockfish are a seafood staple for supermarkets and restaurants from Seattle to San Diego. These fish have mild and slightly sweet-tasting flesh.

Once perilously depleted by excessive fishing, this fish represents the kind of conservation and fishery management story that we want the world to hear and to celebrate! 

We also catch

Chinook Salmon – spring and fall

Port Orford is surrounded by renowned Chinook runs on rivers that enjoy protected status as “wild and scenic” waterways. On the southern coast, the sweet smell of salmon being prepared is present throughout the summer.

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Community Supported Fisheries reconnect people with their local food system, promote sustainable fishing practices, and strengthen the relationships between fishermen and seafood consumers.

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