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Big barn door halibuit

Pacific Halibut

Pacific halibut occupies a special place along this coast, playing an important part in the lives of all humans who have lived along this fish’s historical range. 

Due to halibut's important cultural and economic significance, and because they travel great distances over their long lives, halibut are intensively managed by state, federal, international and tribal policy makers. In Oregon, the commercial halibut season lasts only 10-hrs. It is one of the last West Coast fisheries that still operates as a "derby" fishery, where fishing boats are given a short window to "race for the fish".   

Grilled, herb crusted, pan fried or lightly sauced and poached, roasted with potatoes and olives, this flaky white fleshed fish brings gravitas to any plate.

We also catch

Lingcod – spring, summer, fall

Lingcod is mostly in the nearshore and have amazing, colorfully patterned skin. It is firm, white, moist and sweet, and performs well any way you prepare it.

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