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Pacific Albacore

Pacific Albacore is high in Omega-3s with a firm texture and mild flavor.

Pacific Albacore is one of the few fish that you can still buy direct off the boat. When the Tuna are running - June thru September - you can usually get your Albacore fix in Port Orford by cruising the dock and picking up a whole fish. If you live in the Rogue, Umpqua, or Willamette Valleys, we're happy to filet, blast freeze and deliver a perfect tuna loin direct to your community! Albacore are considered a "best choice" seafood because their stocks are considered to be carefully and sustainably managed. Port Orford Albacore are hand-lined and then promptly iced, one-at-a-time

Albacore is a  wide-ranging member of the tuna family, they roam tropical and temperate waters throughout the world, and can be found along the break line where the water changes from blue-green to blue. Feeding seagulls indicate that they are feeding just below the surface while diving birds indicate that they are feeding in deeper water.

Albacore is excellent grilled and baked, but it can dry out quickly, so it is important to avoid overcooking. It’s also very well suited for marinades.

We also catch

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