Why do I want to buy fish from POSS?

When you buy your fish from POSS you know that it is 100% wild, line caught. You’ll know precisely what species it is, who caught it and where it came from. A recent study published by Oceana, revealed that 33% of the seafood you find at grocery stores and restaurants is mislabeled (21% in Portland, OR alone).

What are the benefits of joining?

Joining our CSF reconnects you to the source of your seafood! By becoming a member you are directly supporting Port Orford fishing families, and helping preserve a way of life. You also gain access to what Port Orford catches, which includes many species not commonly found at the store.

How does it work? 

See our page on how it works.

Why does POSS flash freeze their fish?

This rapid freezing process reduces the size of ice crystals and causes less damage to cell membranes. By vacuum-sealing and flash freezing, the freshness of each fish is locked in ensuring a higher quality product, and gives you the consumer more flexibility in deciding when to enjoy the seafood. According to the FDA, in order for fish to be 'sushi' or 'sashimi-grade' it must be frozen at an ambient temperature of -31 degrees Fahrenheit or below until solid and stored at an ambient temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit or below for a minimum of 24 hours. Thus, all of our fish is sashimi grade!

What's in a share?

It changes. Just like a farm has seasons for its vegetables, our fishermen (and fisherwomen) catch different fish at different times of the year. What doesn't change is that every month, there will be a variety of quality seafood, vacuum-sealed, and blast-frozen in meal-sized portions.  Click to see the species we offer.

What if I go on vacation?

No problem!  If you aren’t going to be around that month, simply don’t place an order. If you see something that you would like to have, but will not be around to pick it up, and cannot arrange for someone else to pick-up, you can always place a delivery hold on your account. There is no charge and we will hold whatever is in your order for the next month’s delivery.  

What are my payment options?

We prefer gold Spanish doubloons, ideally recovered from a sunken galleon, but we also encourage our members to fill out a physical, personal check and place it in the care of the United States Postal Service, addressed to:

Port Orford Sustainable Seafood
PO Box 407, Port Orford, Oregon, 97465

We also accept credit cards, Paypal and e-check!

How do I host a pickup location?

Click to see a list of our current pickup locations.  If you don't see one near you, we'd love you to host one! We can set up a new pickup location once there are 20 or more members for that location. Contact us for more information.

Why is my Lingcod/Cabezon green?

Scientists are interested in the same question. There are multiple factors that affect the color of the Lingcod flesh, the main ones being diet and genetics. The color will disappear upon cooking and has no bearing on the flavor or the quality of the fish. Click here for more information on all the magnificent colors of fish.

I have a question that is not answered here!

If there is something you're still wondering about, feel free to give us a call at (541) 671-0704.
You can also email us at: [email protected] or send us a letter:

Port Orford Sustainable Seafood
PO Box 407, Port Orford, Oregon, 97465


Community Supported Fisheries reconnect people with their local food system, promote sustainable fishing practices, and strengthen the relationships between fishermen and seafood consumers.

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