Family at the beach opening a pouch of sustainably caught Oregon Tuna.


Everything that we catch and process in Port Orford is reserved just for our CSF members via an online seafood marketplace that we call: THE DOCK. This is your window into our inventory.  

Every Monday, The Dock is updated with new cuts that we have brought in and processed over the preceding week. This serves as your cue to check out what is fresh at The Dock, and build out your share for that month.   

The cost of your share each month depends entirely on your tastes. Most of the cuts offered in The Dock range between $10 – 20/ lb, with some standouts – such as Chinook Salmon and Shucked Dungeness Crab – typically costing closer to $30/lb. 


"I really enjoyed the fish!"
Carol M.

“We have enjoyed the fish so much,
and you will be hearing from us again!”

George G.

"It's like Christmas
the first Thursday of each month!"

Darlene C.

“Love, love, love the seafood!”

Priscilla W.

“BEST FISH EVER. Simply delicious!”

Candice K.

“And we are still loving all of your fish.”

Gordon H.

“As first year subscribers to the CSF we're thoroughly enjoying every single items we've purchased from you thus far and can't wait to spend the rest of the year enjoying the catch.”

Dana I.

“I just like to support local small businesses
that are doing right for the environment
and the people who work with them. I appreciate
what you guys stand for and want to support it.”

Julie C.

“We love POSS seafood!”

Karista B.

“We have really enjoyed your products
and talk you up to all of our friends. Great work!”

Edward B.

“I just recently heard about you and was
so excited to find out how to get local sustainable seafood.
I look forward to the season.”

Susan H.

“Thank you for getting back to me and by the way the fish is incredible.”

Pie H.

“Thanks for your work. I love your business model.”

Donna S.

“I signed up recently and picked up my first order in November - fabulous fish!!!.”

Barbara S.