Meet Your Fleet- Captain Aaron Ashdown

Aaron Ashdown 2nd Generation Fisherman in Port Orford When Aaron isn’t fishing, he can be found playing with his daughters both 3 years and 4 months old. He is passionate about the future of fishing in Port Orford and hopes to preserve the next generation’s way of life in fishing. He is currently the President…

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Meet Your Fleet- Captain Aaron Longton

Aaron Longton: Co-Founder of Port Orford Sustainable Seafood and Longtime Fisherman and owner/operator of the F/V Golden Eye Introducing Aaron Longton; fisherman, hippie bluegrass rock aficionado, and “Boaterhome” owner hopeful. Aaron started fishing as soon as he was able to hold a rod. He grew up in Roseburg, Oregon playing on the Umpqua River Basins, but…

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Handling & thawing your seafood

Smoked salmon in a package sitting in stainless bowl with wood in the background

HANDLING SEAFOOD HANDLING AND EATING SEAFOOD FROZEN IS BEST Your fish has been handled with care since it came out of the ocean. All our seafood is sashimi grade. Flash freezing ensures that your seafood tastes as fresh as the day it was caught. With a little care, it will get to your plate with…

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