What makes Port Orford Sustainable Seafood Different

At Port Orford Sustainable Seafood (POSS), we eat, drink, and sleep fish.  We love everything about them, in-and-out of the water, and especially on our dinner plates.  We understand the confusion surrounding sustainability.  We operate on our commitment to sustainability and the triple bottom line which includes environmental, economic, and social equity aspects.


Local Economies

Goal: To increase the viability of traditional coastal communities by fostering economic opportunities by paying a premium price to our fishermen and improve the economic performance of local fishery businesses and associated community infrastructure.

POSS did not cut out the middle man.  They assumed the responsibility of the middle man.  This has enabled POSS to create jobs for the local economy ranging from sales, distribution, processing, and administrative.

aarons boat

Social Equity

Goal: To ensure that communities have equitable access to fishery resources and provide intergenerational opportunities.

POSS continues to improve our fleets’ bottom line by developing our brand, implementing a marketing strategy for local fisherman owned and operated boats that support fishing for future generations, and promote our local fisheries.  POSS strives to empower local fishermen by creating resiliency in the fishing industry while supporting working waterfronts.  POSS also provides equitable access of high quality seafood to local customers.


Environmental Stewardship

Goal: To encourage an ethic of ecological stewardship that results in creative, community-based approaches to conservation.

POSS strives to sustain the health of our ocean ecosystem by collaborating with scientists and fisheries managers to ensure fishing in the Port Orford Community Stewardship Area (POCSA) will be maintained without exhausting our natural resources.  Our fishermen maintain high gear standards, using selective hook-and-line gear which minimizes by-catch, discards, and habitat destruction.